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In sponsorship of staff representatives across campus and with support of campus leadership, 3Practice Circles have been brought to UC Merced to provide opportunity for our community to share experiences, insights and reflections on a variety of topics, practice listening in the moment, and asking questions for better understanding. Through this practice of dialoguing, we will promote community engagement and expanding curiosity, which will foster learning and growth.


One: I'll practice being unusually interested in others - genuine curiosity
Two:  I'll stay in the room with difference - we can disagree without breaking up
Three: I'll stop comparing my best with your worst - no playing gotcha

It's a safe space for clarity and understanding with no obligation to agree.A 3Practices Circle isn't a debate, discussion, or therapy group - its a safe space for clarity and understanding - with no obligation to agree. 

The Framing Question zeroes in on a real difference of opinion - an actual dispute. The Referee keeps us on time, on task, and civil. The Rules keep people safe as they pursue clarity without expecting agreement. 

  • A volunteer responds to the Framing Question, taking one to two minutes. Circle members listen without interrupting. 
  • When the volunteer concludes, anyone may ask a Clarifying Question, starting with the words, "I'd be curious to know." Questioners have 20 seconds to find the questions. The volunteer has up to 60 seconds to respond. 
  • Then a new volunteer takes two minutes, followed by I'd be curious to know questions.
  • Following several rounds, the Circle ends with an invitation to thank someone who asked good questions or made us think.



For more information about the 3Practices, check out the or to request a 3Practices Circle, please click here.


Meet the Referees: Graduate Studies:  Maria Nishanian Human Resources: Luke Wiesner Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Cynthia Cortez Office of the Dean of Students: Armando Contreras  Office of the Ombuds: Chanelle Reese and Callale Concon Office of Social Justice Initiatives: Lorene Fisher Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities:  Vanessa Hauser and Le'Trice Curl Recreation and Athletics: Ashley Summerset