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File a Report

There are few different options when filing a report. Please read the descriptions below to determine which form will best suit your needs. If you want to download and print the forms, please see the sidebar menu and click on the correct document.

If you are in immediate danger or require medical attention, please contact the police or emergency medical services at 911 or (209) 228-2677 (CAT-COPS). 


To report a potential violation of the Code of Student Conduct, please use the Information & Incident Report Form.


If you have questions about reporting academic misconduct or have multiple cases to report, please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for a consultation prior to filling out the electronic form and submitting it.  You may contact us at or 209-228-0069.

The following outlines the reporting process for Faculty:

STEP 1: Review the assignment or exam along with supporting material to determine if there is academic misconduct.

STEP 2:  If you believe academic misconduct allegedly occurred, meet with the student(s) to hear the response to the allegation.

STEP 3: If, after speaking (in person, email, zoom or phone) with the student, you find the student committed academic misconduct, submit the Report below to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Faculty Report Form for Academic Misconduct - Individual Students: This is a form for faculty to report cases of academic misconduct by a single student.

Faculty Report Form for Academic Misconduct - Multiple Students: This is a form for faculty to report cases of academic misconduct by multiple students.

STEP 4:  Please submit copies of documents that support the allegation such as email correspondence with the student regarding the allegation, Chegg/Turnitin report, syllabus, submitted work, and any additional documentation that supports the allegation. This can be submitted to

STEP 5:  Once received, OSRR will return a copy of the submitted report to the reporting faculty. The faculty member will then submit the report to the Dean's Office or other identified person responsible for academic misconduct appeals. 


The Student Grievance procedures provide UC Merced students an opportunity to resolve complaints against the University alleging discrimination based upon gender, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, medical condition (cancer-related), ancestry, citizenship, status as a Vietnam-era veteran, or any other action that may be grieved. Please consult with UC Merced’s Title IX officer for procedures related to the resolution of alleged sexual harassment and the Office of the Registrar for procedures for addressing alleged violations of educational rights and privacy. 

To file a student grievance, please contact our office at (209) 228-0069 or by email.