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UCM Code of Student Conduct

Below you can find each section of the UC Merced Student Handbook. You can also click the main link and download the handbook in full:

UC Merced Student Handbook: Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students (PACAOS)

§10 Preamble

§20 Authority

§30 Universitywide Policies and Campus Regulations

§40 Revision of Campus Regulations

§50 General Definitions

§60 Nondiscrimination

§70 Policy on Campus Emergencies

§80 University Obligations and Student Rights

§200.00 Campus Organizations

§300.00 Campus Activities and Use of Facilities

§400.00 Student Governments

§500.00 Student Elections and Compulsory Campus-Based Student Fees

§600.00 Code of Student Conduct: Administration of Student Conduct

§700.00 Code of Student Conduct: Grounds for Discipline and Sanctions

§800.00 Academic Honesty Policy

§900.00 Student Grievance Procedures

Below you will find updates to the Student Handbook

UC Policy PACAOS - 80 Policy on Compulsory Campus-Based Student Fees

UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (English)

UC Politica de Violencia Sexual y Acoso Sexual (Espanol)

UC Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (Mandarin)

UC PACAOS-Appendix-E: Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Student Adjudication Framework

UC PACAOS-100: Student Conduct and Discipline

UC PACAOS-160: Sexual Harassment and Complaint Resolution Procedures

UC Merced Local Procedures for Claims of Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Involving Student Respondents

Grounds for Appeal Cover Sheet (Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy Cases Only)

Office of Student Conduct Records Maintenance Policy (Rev. 12/2016)