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Student Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights as a Student:

  • Written notice, listing specific policies allegedly violated.
  • Written notice of the time and date of a meeting and/or hearing.
  • Be presumed not responsible until an informal meeting or hearing, with the university bearing the burden of proof.
  • Have an advisor present to provide support, but not to represent you in any fashion.
  • Request a formal fact finding hearing (instead of an informal disposition meeting).
  • A fair hearing.
  • Remain silent without the inference of responsibility.
  • Present documents and witnesses, and question witnesses presented by the university during a formal hearing process.
  • A written decision with a summary of facts presented.
  • Information about the appeals process (for formal hearings only).
  • A copy of The Student Handbook, including section 600.00 Administration of Student Conduct. 

Your Responsibilities as a Student:

  • Appear on time for your meeting or hearing. If you are late or absent, a review of the case may be conducted in your absence, and you will lose your opportunity to provide input into the outcome of the matter.
  • Be honest, complete and forthright. False, dishonest or misleading statements may lead to further conduct action.
  • Act in a civil manner throughout the entire conduct process.
  • Students may express anger or frustration in an appropriate manner, but they do not have the right to act in an abusive or uncivil manner toward student conduct officers.
  • Complete any assigned sanctions in a thorough and timely manner, according to the dates and timelines provided.
  • Submit all materials and/or witness list at least two days prior to any formal hearing.


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