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Help I've Been Reported!

If you receive an email from our office about possible violations of the code, please note that it is just that -­‐ a notification about possible violations. We are contacting you because we received information that indicates you may have acted in a way that is not aligned with what is expected of you as a student. We have a process in place that outlines how our office procedures, which includes allowing you to have your voice heard about what happened.

There are two things you should do when you receive a notice from our office, and you can do these in either order.

  • Respond to the letter sent by our office and schedule an appointment with the student conduct officer hearing your case.
  • Research the conduct process utilizing the Office of Student Conduct homepage so you will know what to expect.

You may want to consult with an advisor, which can be anyone of your choosing. This person can support you through the process if you feel nervous, but may not speak on your behalf. An advisor is not required, and many students feel comfortable meeting without one.