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Educational Programs

Scholars are invited to participate in the workshops offered by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Please review the list below and sign up to attend a workshop.

Decision Making Workshop

The Community Values & Decision Making Workshop is a 60 minute, interactive session that has been developed to assist students in personal exploration of their values. The program is designed to have students realize and recognize inconsistencies in what they say they value and what their actions reflect.

The goal of the workshop is to assist students in acquiring skills to make sound decisions that are congruent to their personal values, the UC Merced Principles of Community, and their future goals. It is our hope that students will walk away with an increased understanding of their own morals and values, along with tools that will support students in times where difficult decisions must be made.

There are 2 workshop formats. One is designed for students specifically that have experienced the disciplinary process. The workshop is mandatory for all students who have been assigned. Workshops will be held monthly and are posted on the events calendar

There is also a 45-60 minute workshop that is designed for clubs, student organizations, and classroom visits. This workshop can be tailored to the needs of your group. If you are interested in having a staff member speak to your class or group please contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities - Student Conduct directly at our email

Academic Integrity Workshop

This workshop is designed to develop students’ understanding of the different forms of academic misconduct​, the expectations of academic integrity​, the outcomes/sanctions of academic dishonesty​, and the student success resources that are available to them. ​Students engage in a variety of scenarios in order to identify different types of academic dishonesty and how they can be avoided. Workshops will be held monthly and are posted on the events calendar. To sign up, please send an email to


Good Neighbor Workshop

The Good Neighbor Workshop is a 60 minute, interactive session that has been developed to assist students in a personal exploration of their values, appreciation of human differences in others we encounter in our daily lives and recognition of how to correct past behavior in a positive way.

The goal of the workshop is to assist students in acquiring skills to be a better neighbor (be it on campus or off campus).  To recognize your rights and responsibilities when an incident or dispute occurs between the student and others within a living/residential community.

This workshop is open to all interested students and mandatory for those students referred to the workshop as a result of a disciplinary outcome or otherwise assigned.

To sign up for a workshop, click here

Free Speech & Advocacy Workshop

The Free Speech and Advocacy Workshop is a 60-minute informative workshop that develops students’ understanding of the UC Merced Free Speech policies. These policies are to be followed by all students, faculty, and staff. We cover topics such as: free speech in the classroom, online, campus postings, and campus property in general. The workshop is meant to be an interactive and engaging experience for both staff and those attending. At the end, there will be a time for attendees to get their questions answered by OSRR staff.

The goal of the workshop is to inform students on how to respond positively in situations. Although we have the freedom to react, we should do so in a respectful manner. This workshop will help students understand how they should approach difficult situations that may fall in line with Free Speech laws and University policies.

The Free Speech and Advocacy workshop is open to all students and organizations on campus. To sign up or request a workshop, please email

Hazing Prevention Workshop

The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities in collaboration with Fraternity and Sorority Life host hazing prevention workshops for student clubs and organizations. The workshop helps participates understand the impacts of hazing, learn effective intervention skills, and awareness of response resources. To schedule a workshop, email us today!